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a gift should be as unique as the child who receives it

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Anonymous Customer

We received our blankets as a gift shortly after our boys were born. The twins love these blankets so much that I am ordering a backup. They carry them wherever they go – we are terrified they will lose one! We have washed them many times and so far they are holding up well. This Read More


I was so pleased when we received those adorable blankets. Going forward, I have decided to exclusively send your blankets to friends when I receive baby announcements!! What a true keepsake present.


Thank you. The blanket is precious … you can expect other orders from me for sure!! Great job!


I LOVE your blankets and can’t wait for a few babies to come this fall so I can pass them out again.

Anonymous Customer

Everyone really loves your blankets and I can guarantee more orders for you in the future. Keep up the good work.


I am waiting for Cathy’s brother to have a baby so I can order an awesome blanket. Also my Mom was in love with the blanket Jack received.


I have to tell you a quick story. I buy blankets for our friends and for many of the babies born to our church members. While I was going over the information on the blankets with a Grandmother after church, I decided to get one from the nursery. I didn’t want to forget anything. As Read More


I truly love your blankets. They are always a big hit with the parents. Our neighbor’s baby LOVES her pink blanket. She already grabs hold of the satin border when feeding.


The blankets are GORGEOUS! Thank you so much-I love that you put “My little brother is Derek” on there-so cute! Shane, my older son, is in LOVE with the blanket-has been cuddling with it all day!


I love these blankets-both of my boys and all of my nephews have one. And now everytime I hear that someone has had a baby this is what i buy. My boys love for me to read to them what there blanket says and i love taking the trip down memory lane.


Thanks, – the blanket looked great & people were asking ( as usual) where I got such a great gift!


I received the blanket today. As always it is perfect. Thank you so much!!

Anonymous Customer

The blanket is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for your great service!

Colleen, Arlington Heights, IL

I love purchasing blankets from The blankets are soft and great quality. My friends who receive the blankets always rave about them. I have heard countless time, “Your blanket was my child’s best gift.” Customer service is excellent. The owner–a mom–takes proud in her work. It shows


I recently recieved a blanket as a gift when my daughter was born and now I ordered a blanket to celebrate the arrival of my friends’ baby. The blankets are a wonderful way to welcome babies to their new family. Working with you was very easy. I will definitely order blankets again in the future.


I just wanted to send a quick note and tell you how my friend loved the blanket you made. The stitching was beautiful and the blanket was so soft. Thanks again and hope to order again soon.


thanks so much. A friend sent me a blanket by you when my baby was born and I just love it! I look forward to sharing the same sentiment with my best friend and her new baby.

Mary Beth Oct. 09

Thats so sweet of you…thanks so much, for both the coupon and your work. Me and my sisters have chipped in for a few of your blankets now at its reduced most of the new mothers to tears…they really are fabulous 🙂